Building a community of women who work in technology – hosted by Betsy Speare, Jennifer Marsman & Helene Love Snell


Over the last few years, I’ve learned an interesting insight  from a coworker, mentor or sponsor that impacts me and I wish I could share with other women in technology.  Sometimes it’s a personal tip, sometimes professional, a leadership nuance or just hearing about an experience that someone has learned from.    As a result, I began working with two other technical women, Jennifer Marsman and Helene Love Snell, to develop a blog for Women in Technology.   The idea is that we would provide opportunities for women in technology to connect with each other and supporters of women in technology through common experiences as well as unique technical and personal insights.  This would enable an increased a sense of community and support for women in the technology industry.

We’ve lined up an impressive list of guest bloggers (both men and women) and are excited to have posted the first weekly blog postwritten by yours truly!  Please forward, tweet, blog and post this new
approach for us to sync up with other women in technology, bringing together this group that is often not in the same physical room!  Let  me know if you are interested writing a blog post and we’ll get you on the calendar.

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